Through different perspectives, concepts and visual approaches, the exhibition proposes a visual reflection on the meaning of feminism and femininity, one of the most studied dichotomies in feminist theory.

In an eclectic way, it addresses new feminities as well as the break with the man / woman duality, it proposes unlearning about sex, gender, role or biological, natural or social condition, debating on how to educate, questioning the system, and even the validity of exporting the feminist theory to other cultures.

Without prioritizing any look or concept, the itinerary follows a logical structure of groups of heterogeneous works that navigate shared concepts, contributing to a guided reflection. Although, the reading could start at any point of and still understand the different works that make up the exhibit.

The project started as an exercise in photographic language in one of the workshops that Fosi Vegue teaches in Madrid, where, launched by the challenge by Concepción González from the Plataforma Escondida Platform, the workshop sessions focus on the photographic exploration of the feminism and femininity duality.