The project

“Feminism and femininity, a visual reflection” is an exhibition that suggests a visual journey through one of the dichotomies that has been extensively studied in feminist theory. Gender and sex, cultural or biological condition, educated or born.

The project begins within the course “Photographic Language” at Dinamo Visual Lab photography school in Madrid, where Professor Fosi Vegue proposes exercises to give visual answers to different statements. During the course the opportunity of answering the petition of a group of feminist activists arises, who suggest: What results would come out of a visual exercise on “Feminism and femininity”? The students accept the challenge. Students of different profiles, mostly males unfamiliar with feminist theory. This is an opportunity to get to know visions outside the feminist discourse. On the other hand, the need to invite women artists is evident. For this reason the project is extended to the participation of Fosi alumni who studied in the previous Blank Paper school. Some of these creators are incorporated with a review of their works, others participate with new production. Always under the premise of making a coherent proposal as a whole, through reflection and collective work.

The result is a sample that reflects on new femininities, without waivers, where to break with the duality of man / woman, unlearning about sex, gender, role or biological, natural or social condition, debating on how to educate, questioning, of course, the system, and even the validity of exporting feminist theory to other cultures.

We are very willing, we have a lot to show, we have very little time, no money. We only have a venue and context to introduce ourselves.

Thanks to the collective that encouraged us from the beginning, we have 77 linear meters of wall in the Gran Colón Hotel in Madrid. This hotel has donated its facilities for free to develop a presentation conference of the still-under-construction platform “The hidden woman”, where different organizations are grouped to draft a bill of citizenship initiative, which incorporates women in textbooks and the school curricula.

Kickstater Patrons

Millions of thanks

This exhibition will be possible thanks to these wonderful people:

Pilar Blanco, Irene Calvo, The Creative Fund, Pilar Marchesi, Olmo González Moriana, Gabriela Cendoya, Álvaro Gómez Pidal, Gonzalo Golpe, Juan Santos, Alvaro Suarez, Mercedes Vilardell, Aurora, Isabel Chueca García, Bernardo Mur García, Aurora Jácome, Javier Roche, Tina García, Rocío Bueno, Cristina de Miguel Vijandi, Elisa González Miralles, Carmen Dalmau, Elena Gómez, Leyre Salgado Almazán, Fernando Martin-Consuegra Ávila, Manuel Tapia, Elena Lum, Li Lian, John Davis, Michael and Liz, Federico Clavarino, Daniel Oeo Marcos, Albert Masias, Miren Pastor, Elena F. de Landa and Augusto Metztli

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Why is this exhibition important?

As part of the conference, the exhibition sets the visual image and shares the main objectives with the platform “The hidden woman”:
Reflect on the meaning of feminism and femininity.
Help the construction of a new definition of feminist femininity, not exclusive.
Develop new ways to counteract the attacks wielded by the patriarchal system in its attempt to annul the feminist movement.
Make visible, support and vindicate the image of a strong, capable, feminist and feminine woman, creator and fighter.

Moreover, the project is considered from the beginning as a non-exclusive set of eyes, proud to work in diversity for social justice to end privileges of origin, birth, race, sex or gender.

Our small contribution to this struggle will be the continuation of this reflection in all the people that come to see the exhibition.